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Introducing Gimkit, a new tool for students and teachers.
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A teacher starts a kit and his/her students go to on any phone, tablet, laptop, Chromebook, or desktop. Each student inputs the game's 4 digit code and their name.
Students answer questions on their own device at their own pace. Throughout a kit, each student will get exposure to the questions multiple times to ensure mastery.
Students earn in-game cash by answering questions. The more questions they answer correctly, the more money they earn.
After students answer questions and earn some money, they can reinvest that money in upgrades. With over 10,000 different combinations, students can purchase upgrades that align with their strengths.
Live View
Throughout your kit, see how your class is performing. On the right, view the total amount of money your class has made and a graph of their history. On the left, view a leaderboard on how your students are ranking. This is the perfect screen to put on a monitor or projector.
When we started building Gimkit, we wanted to not only make the experience better for students, but for teachers. A great thing about Gimkit's gameplay is that students answer questions multiple times. This gives us lots of data to analyze and give back to you. A 10-minute Gimkit with 30 students on average gives more than 1,500 data points.
Quick Report
Get an overview of how your class did. See how many questions they answered correctly/incorrectly and how much money they made/lost.
Question Report
View how many times each question was answered correctly and incorrectly so you can see what your class needs help on.
Player Report
For each of your students, get a report on how they did, and which areas they're doing well and not so well in.
With Gimkit Fusion, you can convert any of the 150 million existing Quizlets into kits with one click. With topics from French to Anatomy, instantly and easily create playable kits for your class. Take a look at Quizlet here.
Made by students...
Gimkit is made and maintained by high school students from Seattle. We craft Gimkit to not only be a product that students want to use but teachers as well. We're working on a bunch of exciting things right now to make Gimkit even better.
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