The live learning game your students will beg to play
Gimkit is a game show for the classroom that requires knowledge, collaboration, and strategy to win.
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Made by a high school student
Gimkit is made and maintained by me, a high school senior from Seattle! I work to make Gimkit the game I want to play in class!
Students answer questions on their own device at their own pace. Throughout a Kit, each student will get exposure to the questions multiple times to ensure mastery.
Students earn in-game cash by answering questions correctly. But be careful, an incorrect answer will cost you!
Students can reinvest their money by purchasing upgrades & powerups. With over 2.5 million combinations, students can make purchases that suit their strengths.
Some other things...
Powerful Data
After every game, Gimkit generates a report detailing what your class needs help on. Individual reports allow you to help specific students.
Gimkit isn't only used in a live class setting. You can use Gimkit for homework assignments which are graded automatically.
KitCollab allows students to take charge of their own learning! Your class builds the Kit by each student contributing a question.
Quizlet Import
Import any of the existing 200 million Quizlet sets with only a few clicks. Or search and reuse Kits made by other Gimkit users.
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